What do Unicorns Represent?

What do Unicorns Represent and Symbolize?

Unicorns are mythical creatures heavy in meaning. Unicorns, according to tradition, were usually creatures that appeared as a white horses with a long horn protruding from the center of their forehead. While that is the traditional image of a unicorn, they have been known to come in other colors, such as black or purple. Other unicorn stuff comes with its own meaning as well.

If you’re interested in what unicorns symbolize, then keep reading to find all about these mythical creatures and what they mean.

What Does Their Horn, Hair, and Color Represent?

The horn of a unicorn represents the power that it holds. To see the horn of a unicorn is to know that it holds magnificent power of healing and other special talents.

The hair of a unicorn usually does not have any significant meaning. Sometimes the hair is used for the creation of wands or other such magical items.

In most cases, especially by traditional sources, the hair of a unicorn is white. The white coloring is thought to represent purity, innocence, and hope. In the cases where the unicorn isn’t white, this meaning can change slightly.

Aside from white, the one other color that comes up with significant meaning is black. Like the white unicorns, black unicorns are still a symbol of power. But instead of purity and innocence, black unicorns represent passion, strength, and ruthlessness.

A purple unicorn is a term that comes from the recruiter world. When trying to hire someone for a job, a purple unicorn is a person with such a specific set of skills that they are thought to be mythical.

In recent years, there have been unicorns in every color of the rainbow. That even includes rainbow unicorns! With the wide variety of colors, unicorns have come to represent authenticity among the other unicorn symbolism. This comes from being true to yourself no matter what you look like or who you really want to be.

How Much Power Do Unicorns Have?

Unicorns are known for being among the most powerful creatures in existence. Their power usually does come from abilities that could defeat millions, or powers that could take over countries. Rather, the true power of a unicorn is the power to heal.

The majority of their power stems from their horn. It is said that a unicorn can neutralize any poison by simply touching its horn to it. They can also turn any liquid into a powerful healing potion by touching their horn to it. This healing liquid has the power to cure any disease. They can also heal diseases by simply touching their horn to the infected person.

For wounds, unicorn tears can heal even fatal wounds. Powdered unicorn horn also holds this power. Unicorn blood is sometimes thought to have healing properties, particularly the power to extend one’s life. However, killing a unicorn and drinking its blood is also known to curse the person doing it.

Aside from their healing power, unicorns are also known for their strength and speed. They can travel vast distances faster than any other horse. This strength and speed lend to the fact that they are untamable. In some stories, a virgin girl may be able to attract a unicorn to her, but no unicorn will ever be truly tame. They are wild creatures and can be dangerous if provoked.

In some stories, unicorns have the power to manipulate light, especially rainbows. You may see them creating rainbows with their horns, or even traveling via rainbow.

In some other stories, unicorn hair, especially tail hair, can be used to create magically enhanced objects, such as wands.

How Are They So Magic?

In most stories, what makes a unicorn magical is its horn. Without their horn, a unicorn would just be an average, everyday horse.

In some other stories, all of the unicorns contain magic, from the tips of their hair, down to their blood. Even their hooves can have magic.

Beyond true magic, one of the strongest powers a unicorn has is to inspire. By simply being, a unicorn has been known to inspire armies to defeat their enemies and for kingdoms to persevere when all seemed lost.

What Are a Group of Unicorns Called and How Are They So Powerful?

A group of unicorns is called a Blessing. Most often, unicorns are solo creatures. Even seeing one is considered to be a miracle in itself. That is likely why a whole group of unicorns is called a Blessing.

When one sees a group of unicorns, it can mean a boost of inspiration. It is a wondrous and magical thing to have creatures that are known for their innocence, purity, and power on your side.

There are two other names that are occasionally used for a group of unicorns. They are a Glory and a Marvel. Whether it is a Blessing, a Glory, of a Marvel of unicorns, you can be sure that it would be a glorious sight.

What Do Unicorns Represent in Scotland?

You may know that unicorns are the national animal of Scotland. This is despite that unicorns are mythical creatures. This is possible because Scottish people have a love for myths and legends, but there could be more to this as well.

Scottish kings were known for using a unicorn in their coat of arms. In many cases, the unicorn would be decorated with golden chains. According to legend, unicorns could only be tamed by virgin maidens, due to their innocence and purity. When it comes to the Scottish kings, the theory is that the chains were meant to represent that the Scottish Kings were so powerful that they were able to tame a unicorn.

What Does It Mean to See a Unicorn In a Dream?

If you have a dream about a unicorn, it often means that you have a true heart and a gentle soul. A unicorn standing beside you may mean that you are being guided on a journey into the future. For the most part, seeing a unicorn in your dream is a lucky thing. They usually mean that you are destined for great things. That’s also another reason why Unicorn Stationery and unicorn stuff are so popular as people want to be close to the magic of the unicorn. Articles that are definitely worth a read for any unicorn fan are the Top 8 unicorn ride on toys plus the Top 10 Unicorn gifts for adults.