What are the different types of Unicorns?

What Are The Different Types Of Unicorns?

When you think of a unicorn you may picture a white horse with a horn protruding from it’s forehead. That’s the traditional version of a unicorn, but it’s not the only one. Unicorns have been a part of human mythology for nearly as long as there have been humans, so it is little wonder that there were a few different ones along the way. This article is going to highlight some of the different varieties of unicorns and tell you a little bit about each one. Learn about the different types of unicorns that you had no idea existed.

The Pegasus

Pegasus isn’t a unicorn at all, it is a winged horse. That’s according to Greek mythology, Pegasus was born from Medusa by jumping out of her neck at the time she was killed by Perseus. Perseus then went on to ride Pegasus as he rescued the princess Andromeda when she was chained to a rock to be sacrificed to a sea monster.

The other time Pegasus appears in Greek myth is when the hero Bellerophon rode him when he defeated the monster Chimera.

Many people call the Pegasus the flying unicorn or the winged unicorn.

The Magicorn

A magicorn is a cross between a unicorn and a mage. The resulting creature is considered the most powerful creature of the unicorn world. It is the most dominant and likes all others to fall in line behind. Some refer to the magicorn as the leader and the ruler.

The Nightmare

A nightmare unicorn is a creature from the game Dungeons & Dragons. It is thought to be the offspring of a black unicorn and nightmares.

Unlike gentle unicorn, nightmare unicorns thrive on causing pain and suffering to those around them. They delight in torture and prefer to live a nomadic life across wastelands and war-torn zones.

Nightmare unicorns prefer to eat meat, unlike their unicorn cousins. They particularly enjoy meat that comes from a creature they frightened to death.

The Qilin

The Qilin is the Chinese version of a unicorn. While no two qilins looks the name, they are most well known for their deer-like body, hooves like a horse, tail like an ox, and head like a dragon. At the center of the qilin’s head is a forked horn, much like a unicorn. Sometimes there is only one horn, but sometimes there are two.

Qilin is thought to bring peace and serenity to all those who see it. They usually appear whenever a powerful ruler or a sage is being born or when they have died. Qilins are known for their beauty and have been depicted in traditional Chinese art for years.

Stright-Horned Unicorn

The straight-horned unicorn is the most common type of unicorn that you will see on the merch in stores or in stories. They are known for their horse body and long straight horn that protrudes from the center of their forehead. Some unicorns will have horns that are shorter, while others have horns that are quite long.

During medieval times. Narwhals were especially hunted thanks to their long straight tusks that could easily be mistaken for a unicorn horn in a marketplace. Perhaps it is for this reason that some stories say that straight horned unicorns are the offspring of ponies and narwhals. Such creatures are thought to feel more at home in cold and icy places.

Ember Unicorn

Ember Unicorns are perhaps the opposite of the straight horns. Where straight horns prefer the cold and ice, ember unicorns thrive in hot and dry conditions, such as in a desert. These warm-loving unicorns may be slightly more orange or pink in color and keep a diet of mostly scarab beetles.

Eastern European Unicorn

The Eastern European Unicorn is the shorter pony cousin to the traditional unicorn. These adorable creatures are set apart by their short stocky frame. They are known to be very cute, with large round eyes and chubby features.

Despite their appearance, Eastern European unicorns are known for being very swift and nimble. They are able to squeeze into small places to hide. They prefer to find food by searching close to the ground for berries or delicious herbs.

The Rainbow Unicorn

Unicorns & rainbows seem to go hand in hand. Rainbow unicorns are among the most common ones we would see today. They are everywhere, from Unicorn toys for girls to Unicorn lamps to Giant Unicorn Squishmallow. What sets rainbow unicorns apart is their rainbow-colored mane and tail. Their horn is often gold, but can also be silver or white.

Rainbow unicorns are often thought to have the power to control light, therefore creating rainbows. Some are even thought to have the ability to control the climate.

Ruvas Unicorn

The ruvas unicorn is simply the proper name of the traditional unicorn that we know and love. They are known for their white body and long white horn. They are known to be very fast and are very good at hiding.

Their horn is known for having magical properties, particularly in the area of healing. It is said that if a unicorn touches its horn to any liquid, that liquid will be imbued with the power to heal any disease.


Of all of these different types of unicorns, I think I would enjoy being the Eastern European unicorn the most. They live a very down-to-earth life, small and foraging for their supper. I also love that they are nimble and swift, making it seem as though they would be very playful in the right circumstances.

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