Unicorn Squishmallow

What is a Unicorn Squishmallow?

Unicorn Squishmallows are the latest and most adorable soft toys that everyone wants to collect. With their super soft and super squidgy stuffing, these gorgeous themed soft toys are flying off the shelves all over the world. Squishmellows come in all different shapes and sizes, the large unicorn squishmallows, sometimes know as the Giant unicorn squishmallow are cute alternative for a cushion or travel pillow and the smaller squish-mellows are ideal for just cuddling. The squishmallow unicorn range are just beautiful, there is a perfect amount of variety to suit everyone’s unicorn dream!

Why are Squishmallows so Popular?

The stuffing inside these squishmallows are just incredible and this is what makes them so popular. Your head will literally sinks in to these little cuties tummies. There are hundreds of different designs and styles to choose from. Plus Disney are now working with squishmallow and have created their very own Disney line. This includes the gorgeous Disney Princesses and heroic Star Wars characters. I mean nothing beats a unicorn theme but Disney merchandise do come very close!

Are there rare Unicorn Squishmallows?

Like most amazing toys, Squishmallows are set in themes and series, so it is extremely difficult to get squish mallows that are years old or those that were released first time round. These then become rare squishmellow soft toys and have quite a hefty price tag on platforms such as ebay.

Squishmallow release new and exciting designs several times throughout the years, so its important to keep and eye on these and buy when you see them, as finding them later may be a challenge for you.

Who sells exclusive Squishmallows?

Not only do Squishmallow work with different brands but they also release different designs and styles to certain shops such as Walmart, Claires and Target. These are known as squishmallow exclusives to that store. They also do this in different countries. On a visit to the United kindom recently, it was clear to me that they had different unicorn squishmallows that we do not have in the states and vice versa.

What are the best Unicorn Squishmallows?

Take a moment to look through the current best selling squishmellow list. Featured below include some of the rarer and online only exclusives, so make sure you check them all out. You can never have too many squishmallows.


Series 8 – 24 Piece Squishville Collection


Hersheys Candy Scented Unicorn Squishmallow


The Pink BunnyCorn


Sophia Unicorn Squishmallow

NEW 2023 – Unicorn Fuzz-a-mallows – Ultra Rare

The Latest Collection from Squishmallow. The Fuzz-a-mallows. These Cute cuddles are Squishmallows just as we love them but with a twist. They are covered in super soft, super fluffy fuzz.

Lots of different designs to collect and are all ultra rare making them extremely hard to find in stores and online. It looks like there is currently only one unicorn fuzz-a-mallow which is Paisley Unicorn. Grab her while you can…



Squishmallow Flip Unicorn


Squishville Unicorn Playset


Squishmallow Squishville Blind Bags


Squishmallow Unicorn Mystery Squad – Series 1

JoJo Siwa™ Squishmallows™ 5″ Plush Toy

This Claires exclusive Squishmallow is an amazing addition to anyone’s collection who is a fan of JoJo Siwa. This adorable unicorn plush is complete with a rainbow bow inspired by JoJo’s iconic dance hairstyles. The pink, blue and white effect really does give it the jojo icon look. Plus the eyelash gems are just awesome. A well thought out squishmallow design.


Unicorn Squishmellow – 5 Inch

These unicorn squish mellows are great for building your very own unicorn squad! You can get one of these 3 unicorn plushies, Teresa the grey unicorn, Silvia the purple unicorn or Ilene the pink unicorn. Each of these unicorn plushies are great to squeeze and cuddle! The perfect Unicorn toys for girls.



12 Inch Ilene Pink Squishmallow


Squishmallow Blind Bags (Scented) Series 2


Squishville – Rainbow Dream Squad


Giant Caticorn Mermaid 16 Inch

Penguin Unicorn – 8 Inch


Sleepy Pyjamas Winter Squishmallow


Jumbo Narwhal Squishmallow


Rainbow Unicorn Squishmallow


Tye Dye 8 Inch Unicorn Squishmallow

Squishmallows™ 8″ Claire’s Exclusive Melty Unicorn Plush Toy

Meet Dawna! The sticky sweet sprinkle unicorn. Dawna has gorgeous sparkly inside ears and is a Claire’s exclusive Squish mallow. Who wouldn’t want to take Dawna home! Her strawberry sundae head with sprinkles is just to die for. A real cute and girly design.



Easter Squad Unicorn Squishmallow


Purple Mila Unicorn Squishmallow


Squishville Squishmallows 3 Pack


Fenella Unicorn Squishmallow

Hello Kitty Squishmallow – 5 Inch $12.99

Tie Dye Unicorn Squishmallow – 8 Inch

Another gorgeous 8inch unicorn squish mallow. This 8 inch super soft plushie has the most amazing tones and colouring. The pink & blue tie dye effect make it look extra special and unique. This unicorn squishmallow gives off classy and elegant vibes. Perfect for the older unicorn fan or one that loves pink!


Squishmallows™ 8″ Fantasy Squad Plush Toy

These fantasy Squishmallows are just the cutest. One selected at random, however I am sure any unicorn fan would be thrilled with any of these 4 squishies. Why not purchase all four to have the ultimate unicorn game! These squishmallows have a velvet effect texture which makes them extra special. Rubbing your face or hand across these little cuties certainly will make your day!



Sabrina Caticorn Squishmallow


Teresa Grey Unicorn Squishmallow


Jumbo Caticorn Squishmallow


Caticorn Unicorn Squishmallow

Purple Unicorn Squishmallow 8 Inch

The purple and blue tie dye piggy-corn is super cuddly and super soft. His pink fluffy mane and candy cane style horn finishes the design off beautifully. This simple unicorn toy is so pretty and would be a perfect gift for any unicorn fan. This little treasure would sit perfectly on a shelf of other squishmallow toys


Squishmallows 16″ Unimermaid Stuffed Animal

This unimermaid is one of the larger squishmallows, measuring 16″. Perfect to use as a cushion on the bed or a head rest in the car. The super soft velvet effect makes it extra snuggly and cosy. The color of this squishy toy is just gorgeous. The aqua sea shells on the front give it that Disney Ariel vibe. Plus having the matching aqua horn and hair really goes finish this unicorn off nicely. Definitely one that will be hard to find in years to come.


Rainbow Unicorn – 5 inch Sequin Squishmallow

This gorgeous Rainbow Unicorn Squishmallow has a beautiful shiny tummy and matching ears. Its silver horn looks extra special against its pretty pink hair. Only 5 inches tall but super squishy. A vibrant Unicorn Squishmellow that would look incredible in any bedroom setting. This is the toy that every little girl is going to want for their birthday. Especially if you are at the ages of 4, 5 or 6 years age.


Angeline Marbled Pink Unicorn

Angeline is super soft with a stunning marble pink effect. Measuring approximately 7 inches tall, Angeline looks extra gorgeous with her spiral pink unicorn horn and velvet effect texture. Her cute little eyes just make you want to squeeze her so tight. A perfect little friend to keep anyone company.


Valentines Unicorn – $29.99


Squishville Lolas Boutique Squishmellow


Rei Pegasus Valentines Squishmallow


Esmerelda Grocery Squishmallow


“Embrace your weirdness” Unicorn Squishmallow

Kennedy Unicorn Squish Doos

Kennedy Unicorn is famous for his crazy rainbow hair. Measuring approximately 14 inchs tall, Kennedy is the perfect Rainbow Unicorn Birthday present. Just like all of the other squishmellows above, Kennedy has a stunning super soft velvet touch texture and a special spiral unicorn horn. He really does look like a fun, life and sole of the party kind of squishmallow. His wild crazy hair and his adorable turquoise tone make him one of the must have squishmellows of 2022.


Jumbo Petula Unicorn Squishmallow

Petula is one of many fantastic jumbo squish mallow plushes. Measuring an amazing 20 inches tall. Petula can be used as a pillow, cushion or purely just for super soft squishy cuddles. A gorgeous lavender design, simply and gorgeous. Even thought you cant actually see Petula smile, i feel like she would definitely be a smiley squishmallow girl. A hard working and determined sole, do you know someone like that who you could buy Petula for?


Zola Unicorn Squishmallow with Sleeping Mask

Zola Unicorn is quite unique and hard to get your hands on. With her eye catching turquoise sleeping mask and shiny silver unicorn wings and horn. Zola’s soft purple and pink texture makes her one of the must have Unicorn plush toys. Measuring at approximately 12 inches, Zola is the perfect size to take any where. She really is the queen of the squishmallows line.



Mikah Pink Squishmallow Unicorn


Squishville Unicorn Bug Riders. Pack of 4


Esmaralda 8 Inch Winter Squishmallow


Lola Squishmallow Unicorn – Giant/Jumbo Collection

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