Unicorn Rug

A gorgeous collection of Unicorn Rugs that will be the perfect finishing touch to your unicorn bedroom. We feature a range of different unicorn carpet mats ideal for all bedroom sizes. Whether you are looking for a unicorn rug small or a larger circle unicorn rug. We have found the most wanted unicorn bedroom accessories on the market. A unicorn rug is the last piece of the puzzle in creating an awesome Unicorn bedroom for girls but don’t forget there are still many other unicorn products you need to create that magical bedroom wonderland. Like with some Unicorn Wall Stickers, Unicorn Furniture and a Unicorn Blanket.

Choosing a unicorn rug is a great way to add a unique and magical touch to any room in your home. It can be the perfect way to make a statement and show the world your love of these majestic creatures. Unicorn rugs are also incredibly soft and comfortable, making them ideal for both adults and children. Unicorn rugs can also be used as a conversation piece, as they can be a great way to start conversations with guests or family members. Finally, unicorn rugs are a great way to accessorize any room with a whimsical and playful energy.

Unicorn with Wings Rug

A pretty pink and grey toned unicorn with wings rug. A perfect choice for a baby nursery or little girls bedroom. 2 sizes available and priced at $ 57.99

Small Unicorn Rug

An awesome pastel tone unicorn rug for the bedroom. A pretty circle shaped rug perfect for those smaller and more compact bedrooms. Priced at $30.99 and also machine washable.

Spotty Unicorn Rug

A perfect rug for a unicorn playroom. Covers a large surface area and has a beautiful unicorn and star design. Priced at $68.99

Fluffy Unicorn Rug

A super fluffy and soft pink unicorn rug. Perfect for a teen girls bedroom or a baby Unicorn nursery room. Available in lots of different colors and sizes. Priced at $23.99

Pink Unicorn Rug

A pink and ivory unicorn playroom rug. A simple and classy design for a fun and magical unicorn bedroom. Priced at $64.99

Rainbow Unicorn Rug

A fluffy unicorn carpet rug with a pastel rainbow tone. This rug would be incredible to lay whilst reading a book or playing a unicorn game. A kind of dye die effect that will glamour up any unicorn bedroom.

Purple Unicorn Rug

A bright purple unicorn rug that looks very similar to the Jojo Siwa Unicorn Collection. Priced at $19.00 a great value for money Unicorn item.

Circle Unicorn Rug

A cute circle unicorn carpet mat with a pretty unicorn print. Priced at $27.99

Minnie Mouse Unicorn Rug

One of the top selling unicorn rugs currently on the market. The stunning Minnie Mouse Rug. Not only does this rug feature a gorgeous rainbow unicorn smiling but is also has the Disney legend Minnie Mouse. Priced at $39.99