Unicorn Plush

Why choose a Unicorn Plush?

There are so many super cute and super adorable Unicorn Stuffed Animals around that its extremely hard to choose just one!! so at Unicorn Wonderland we have listed the very best Unicorn Plush toys currently on the market. These range from small purple unicorns with wings to giant Rainbow unicorns with babies. The collection is so magical and will appeal to children and adults of all ages. You are never too old to be a true unicorn fan. So be part of the Unicorn Club and find your perfect unicorn plush from our list below. Don’t forget to also check out our Unicorn squishmallow range. These are super squishy soft toys that are the latest unicorn craze. Happy Unicorn Plush hunting!

Unicorn plush teddy bears are the perfect gift for any occasion. Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they also bring a sense of magic and whimsy to any room. They also make great conversation starters, as their unique design is sure to draw plenty of attention. Plus, they are extremely soft and huggable, making them a comforting companion for anyone who needs a friend. Whether you’re looking for something special for a child or a friend, a unicorn plush teddy bear is a great option. It’s a great way to show someone you care, and it’s sure to bring a smile to their face. Plus, it’s a great way to add a bit of fantasy and fun to any home. So if you’re looking for a unique, magical gift, a unicorn plush teddy is the perfect choice.

What are the Best Unicorn Plush Toys?

Light Up Unicorn Soft Toy


Itty Bitty Boo Unicorn Dog


Unicorn Plushie


Sequin Unicorn Reversible


Purple Unicorn With Wings

A Gorgeous Purple horn Unicorn with wings plush toy. Comes complete with a matching purple sequin handbag and keyring. This stylish Unicorn has a beautiful rainbow mane and tail, setting off the stunning purple unicorn wings. This is the perfect size for any little girl to take on an unicorn outings or magical adventure!


Unicorn Mommy with Unicorn Babies Plush

A super special Unicorn mom with babies Stuffed animal. Not only is it gorgeous with its gold horn and rainbow tail but it also has a secret zipper underneath which holds not one, but 4 adorable unicorn baby soft toys. Create your very own unicorn land with this awesome Unicorn family. The perfect birthday gift for that Unicorn fan.


Rainbow Shimmer Unicorn Soft Toy

A pretty and elegant white Unicorn plush measuring approx 10 inches long. With her super soft fur, sparkling eyes and pastel rainbow unicorn mane. This unicorn really does have the glitz and glam to join any Unicorn fans club.


Unicorn Soft Toy with carry backpack

Join the Unicorn Club with this adorable Unicorn backpack carrier. Take your new Unicorn friend everywhere you go, on magical family adventures to the park or beach. Its like having your very own Real Unicorn strapped to your back! It can be Unicorn Day, everyday!


Giant Unicorn Soft Toy


Plusheen Plusheenicorn


Rainbow Unicorn Plush


Unicorn with Wings Plush


Unicorns and Rainbow Stuffed Toy by Pixie Crush

A lovely Unicorn Plush play set created by Pixie Crush. This magical Rainbow carry case, unzips to reveal 5 Unicorn Toys. You will receive a Unicorn Cat, Unicorn Dog, Narwhal (The unicorn of the sea) and 2 cute Unicorn cuddles. These unicorn products are perfect to get a young ones imagination going.


Pink Unicorn Plush

At 18 inches long, this gorgeous pink unicorn is just perfect for a birthday or christmas gift. Its two tone pink fur is super soft and it has a stunning sparkly pink unicorn horn too. This special Unicorn plush is poised in the laying down position, so perfect to put at the end of a bed or on the floor as a feature.


Laila and Lainey Plush Ballerina Unicorn


Talking Unicorn Plush Collection


Pink Pillow Unicorn Plush


Unicorn & Matching Purse. Unicorn Gift for Girls


Star Belly Dream Lites

As seem on TV the Star Belly Dream Lite is the perfect plush to turn your Unicorn bedroom in to a magical starry night. With a choice of 6 different colours to project on the ceiling or on the wall. The Unicorn Star Belly will project beautiful stars and other magnificent shapes around the room. Also can be used as a comforting night light for children struggling with the dark. Simply push its tummy star button for the magic to begin!


Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn

This amazing and eye catching lifelike Ride on Unicorn plush is the ultimate gift. measuring over 2 foot tall, this stunning creature would be any girls dream present. Featuring Super soft white fur and a pink tail that can be brushed or plaited. If you are looking for that wow present, then this really is it.


Unicorn Ballerina Soft Toy


Unicorn Stuff Toy Collection


Pink Unicorn Backpack with matching plush


Light Up Unicorn Plush


Shimmer Caticorn Unicorn

Meet Shimmer the Caticorn Unicorn. This Unicorn Plush is just perfect if your Unicorn Fan has just about everything Unicorn. Still within the Unicorn & Rainbow theme, who wouldn’t want this kitty in their collection!!


BlueberryRipple Unicorn

Blueberry Ripple is super adorable with his striking blue, lemon & pink tones. Its sparkly silver horn and glitzy gem eyes certain are very special. Also available in pink and white.


Beanie Boo Unicorn


Caticorn snugababies Stuffed animal


KittyCorn Beanie Boo


Jellycat Bashful Unicorn


Giant Rainbow Unicorn

This extra large Rainbow Unicorn Stuffed Animal measures an incredible 52 inches. Its super bright colours and Rainbow color tones really do make it extra special. Cuddling this magical creature really will make any worries disappear! Get your unicorn power plush today!


Dream Purple Unicorn

One of the best selling Purple Unicorn Stuff animals currently on the market. With its purple shimmer look, white fluffy trim and sparkly unicorn horn, no wonder its on everyones must have list. Approximately 12 inches tall.


Petal Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Made by Manhattan Toys this gorgeous Pink Petal Unicorn Stuffed Animal is just the cutest unicorn. Measuring approximately 11 inches tall with super soft pale pink texture. The ideal gift really for a baby shower or even for any unicorn fan!


The Petting Zoo Unicorn Stuffed Animal


Knitted Unicorn Toy


Baby Pink Unicorn Soft Toy


Mary Meyer Putty Unicorn Soft Toy


Have you ever thought about creating your own unicorn wonderland. Transforming your bedroom in to a unicorn paradise is every girls dream. Whether your looking for a unicorn blanket, unicorn pillow or unicorn nightlight. Unicorn products truly are endless.