Unicorn Pillow

A stunning array of unicorn pillow, perfect to finish off any unicorn bedroom. These gorgeous unicorn bedroom decor pieces include the top selling Unicorn sequin pillows, Unicorn Cushions, Unicorn pillow plush and unicorn pillow pets. The best thing about pillows and cushions is that you can have as many as you like in your unicorn room and on your unicorn bed. It really is a case of the more you have the better your room will look. This is because it will create a much fuller and eye catching centre piece with will hopefully match your unicorn bedding and other unicorn decor.

What are the Best Selling Unicorn Pillows?

Take a look below to see the current top selling Unicorn Pillow range. A super collection of soft, fluffy, sequin and cuddly pillows to showcase on your bed. You can never have too many pillows so buying 3-4 of them is highly recommended. This really will create that wow unicorn bed feature.

Unicorn Sequin Pillow

A Super sparkly brush sequin pillow design. Simply brush the sequins a different way to reveal a different color unicorn pillow. Its like 2 pillows in 1. Priced at $9.99

Unicorn Pillow Plush

This Unicorn Pillow Plush is just awesome. Not only is it super comfy to rest your head on but it is also like a unicorn plush toy. A pretty rainbow mane design, priced at £13.99.

Purple Unicorn Cuddle Cushion

These cuddle cushion, sometimes know as back support pillow, are taking the world by storm. Perfect for children to sit and read or to play whilst having a bit of added back support. Lots of different animal cuddle cushions available. Priced at £41.99

Rainbow Unicorn Cushion

A fluffy and soft rainbow unicorn cushion. Pretty colors representing the gorgeous unicorn mane. Comes in a pack of two. Priced at $15.99

Pink Unicorn Pillow

A gorgeous set of two unicorn pillow cases. This stunning unicorn flower design will look perfect on any unicorn bed. Priced at $17.99

Unicorn Sequin Cushion

This Pink unicorn sequin cushion really is super glam. A lovely sleeping unicorn print with twinkling star background. Priced at $10.99

Unicorn Pillow Pet

The top selling Unicorn Pillow Pet. Super cuddly and super useful. Not only is it a cuddly unicorn soft toy but it also opens out in to a unicorn pillow pet. Handy for a car or plane journey. Priced at $24.99

Unicorn Pink Pillow

This Unicorn Pillow case will certainly make a great pillow pal. Perfect for inside a play tent or on top of your unicorn bed. This hypoallergenic unicorn product is perfect for those children with allergies. Priced at $34.99

White Unicorn Pillow Plush

A beautiful elegant white and lavender unicorn pillow plush. Perfect to hug at night or to be the show piece on your unicorn bed. Super soft and super fleecy. Priced at $25.99

Unicorn Pillow Cases

You can never have enough pillow cases, especially unicorn pillow cases! These cute animal pillow cases are ideal for underneath your feature pillows. Sleeping on these really will give you magical unicorn dreams! Priced at 9.99 for the pair.

Unicorn Pillow Plush

This pink Unicorn pillow plush is super cute and super squishy. Made with really soft material, A perfect pillow to rest your head. Priced at $12.99

Fluffy Unicorn Pillow

This Fluffy Unicorn face pillow is currently the best selling unicorn pillow on the market. A shiny golden horn and flower finish gives it that little bit of unicorn magic. Priced at $15.99

Don’t forget a girl needs a cute unicorn blanket and a matching unicorn night light to complete her unicorn bedroom theme.