Unicorn Party Supplies

Planning a child’s party can be quite stressful. Trying to find all of the right Unicorn party supplies to match your party theme or colour scheme can take you hours and give you many headaches! So at Unicorn Wonderland we have made life easy for you. We have created lists of Unicorn Supplies and Decorations that will blow your guests socks off! From Unicorn Cakes to Unicorn Cake Topper, we really have thought of everything. Unicorn parties are every little girls dream, even a sweet sixteen will never be too old to have a Magical Unicorn party. Make that little girl in your life remember this party forever.

What are the Best Unicorn Party Supplies?

Unicorn Decorations

Are you trying to create the best unicorn party ever? Then take a look at our must have Unicorn Decorations and supplies. There are lots of the unicorn products that can be mixed and matched to create that talked about Unicorn theme party. You can make it as magical and over the top as you like. Remember you can never have enough unicorn products if you want to create that wow factor! From unicorn plates, bowls, napkins, straws, favors and balloons. The list really is endless. Don’t forget to also check out our unicorn toys for girls section for that magical birthday gift.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn Birthday cakes

The Unicorn Birthday Cake needs to be the show stopper of the party. One of those things that the guests talk about for months after the event has passed. It needs to be eye catching and magical, a real jaw dropping item. Its good to always try and be unique and different from other unicorn parties and events that you have attended. Using a unicorn stuffed animal to sit next to the cake always gives a special enchanted feature. Give it a try and check out our ideas.

Unicorn Cake Topper

Unicorn Cake Toppers

To make your Unicorn Cake look magical it needs a special Unicorn Cake Topper. Whether you going for the the simplest of cake to the most outrageous cake, a unicorn cake topper is a must have for any party.

There are lots of different designs and colours to choose from. Like the stunning glittery Unicorn jumping over a rainbow to the classic Unicorn horn and eyelashes effect.

Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn cookies are always a big hit for parties. Whether its a Unicorn cookie making set for the birthday girl or individually wrapped Unicorn cookies as the favor. These are just perfect to include at your magnificent Unicorn Day. There are some fantastic cute designs to fit everyone’s Unicorn party theme. From Unicorns with wings to Unicorn & Rainbow shaped. Check our the full collection.

Unicorn Gifts

Unicorn Gifts

Buying the perfect Unicorn gifts can sometimes be easier said than done. Its hard to find that special unicorn present that they haven’t already got. So at Unicorn Wonderland we have sources a range of different unicorn products that are super special and super magical.