Unicorn Night Light

Why Choose a Unicorn Night Lights?

Why not make that Unicorn Bedroom that little bit special by purchasing a Unicorn Night Light. Night Lights are such a comfort for little children who are struggling with the darkness plus they also make the bedroom look so magical in dimmed light. Most of the unicorn night lights these days have the option of color change, this really helps when trying to create that enchanted night mood. There are also a few gorgeous unicorn projector light options which create an array of magical images on the ceiling and walls. A stunning accessory for any Unicorn bedroom for girls. There are also many other Unicorn Room accessories that you need to create that perfect Unicorn room, take a look at our Unicorn Curtains, Unicorn Rug, Unicorn pillows & Unicorn Bedding.

Unicorn Night Light

A gorgeous Led unicorn night light. It comes complete with a remote control and has the ability to change to 7 different colors. Priced at $19.99. Any little girl would adore this unicorn accessory in their room.

Unicorn Night Lamp

A pretty Unicorn Night Lamp that looks like diamonds within the unicorn head. Can be put on a dim or bright setting. Priced at $17.99

Unicorn Color Changing Night Light

A silicone animal lamp that lights up with a simple touch. It also has a remote control for a cool color change feature. A cute unicorn touch lamp priced at $16.99

Unicorn Plug In

A Unicorn night light plug in that really will light up any bedroom from dust till dawn. Comes complete in a pack of 2 with a pretty unicorn design. Priced at $15.99

Unicorn Star Belly Dream Lites

The Unicorn Star Belly Dream Lites is a huggable night light that is classed as a unicorn night light stuffed animal. A real special top unicorn toys that would make the perfect unicorn gifts. Priced at $24.99

Unicorn Projector

Currently the best selling unicorn night light projector of 2022. This unicorn projector makes a stunning unicorn pattern on the ceiling and walls. A real magical effect for any bedroom. priced at $19.99

Some fantastic unicorn decorations for the bedroom area. Why not also take a look at the unicorn pillow and unicorn blanket collection to finish off that stunning unicorn themed bedroom.