Unicorn Makeup

What are the best Unicorn Make Up Products?

There are so many great and amazing Unicorn Make up products available online and in stores. Whether you are looking at just creating the famous unicorn eye effect or whether you would rather achieve the whole look including unicorn hair and face diamante’s. There are so many different products available to help you create the best look. First things first, You will need to make sure you start with some decent Make up brushes as well as bright eye shadows and lips glosses. Lip sticks and Lips stains are always a must too. Not forgetting the famous Unicorn glitter, gems and rhinestones, for that epic party or festival vibe.

How do you Create a Unicorn Make Up Look?

Creating an amazing Unicorn make up look is actually really hard. You need to make sure you have the right products and accessories to make your efforts look flawless. Like any make up look, you need to start with the base. A good foundation and blush to match your complexion. Eyes and lips are the most important part of your unicorn make over. The eyes need to be bright and vibrant, resembling a magical rainbow effect over your lids. A top eyeliner also needs to be applied with an inner corner highlight. Plenty of mascara is a must. The lashes need be be black, thick and bold. Lips can go either way, Suttle and light or bright and eye catching. Whatever your look, a lip stain is a perfect choice to keep the look in tack all evening. If you are heading to a festival or party. Unicorn glitter and eye gems is a must. You can actually buy already set gems which are easy to transfer on to your face. Resulting in that epic chic look.

At Unicorn Wonderland, we featured the very best unicorn products on the market to create that wow magical unicorn make up vibe or to simply introduce you in to the world of make up. Don’t forget your make up is just the start, you need to make sure you have the right added unicorn accessorises including unicorn jewelry, unicorn nails & Unicorn hair to complete any look.

Unicorn Make Up Set

This Gorgeous Unicorn Case is filled with Unicorn Make Up and Accessories. From Lipsticks, to nail varnish, Blush to Unicorn Make up Brushes. This Collection really would make the perfect gift for that special Unicorn fanatic. Priced at $23.99

Unicorn Eye shadows

Currently the best selling collection of Unicorn eye shadows. This Eye shadow pallet is perfect for getting to grips with those vibrant unicorn colors. Experiment with confidence and make heads turn! Priced at $6.99

The Unicorn Collection

This is the must have Unicorn Collection. A perfect Unicorn Vanity set, including everything you need to make yourself look fabulous. All non-toxic and washable make up products which is super important when purchasing makeup for young children. Priced at $22.99

Unicorn Brushes Set

A Stunning pack of 10 Unicorn Make Up Brushes. All with a pretty twist tale handle and super soft Unicorn colored bristles. Even if you are not a unicorn fan, which you should be! You will still love these Unicorn Makeup brushes. Priced at $7.99

Unicorn Lipsmacker

This Unicorn Lipsmacker lip balm is just perfect to add in to your everyday handbag to keep your lips hydrated. It just looks so adorable and only costs $3.99. A bargain price for such a cute unicorn product.

Unicorn Cosmetic Bag

A perfect little unicorn cosmetic set to let your little unicorn fan experiment with cool unicorn eyeshadows and nail varnishes. A great starting kit introducing them in to the makeup world. Priced at $23.99

Unicorn Eye Gems

These Unicorn Rhinestone Face Jewels are just so eye catching and effective. Perfect when hitting that music festival, cheerleading competition or even dance event and gymnastics. Comes in a pack of 6 different colors and designs. Priced at $9.99

Unicorn Glitter

Unicorn Snot! A fantastic Unicorn product that can be used on your face, body or Hair. A glitter gel substance that creates an amazing effect on skin and hair. Lots of different colors are available on the link below, priced at $14.99. Sparkle the night away!!

Unicorn Make up Bag

A pretty Unicorn Make up bag design. Very simply and classy. The perfect Unicorn Gift for any age. Not only a Make Up bag but could also be used for Unicorn hair accessories or Unicorn Stationery. Priced at $6.99