Unicorn Hair Dye

Are you trying to find the best Unicorn Hair Dye? Then look no further, we have listed below the top 6 best selling Unicorn Hair dyes currently on the market. Whether you are hoping for a permanent Unicorn hair look for a few months to a semi permanent that would last a few weeks, we have found the best ones for you, all with amazing feedback. Unicorn Hair chalks are also a really good choice for small children and growing unicorn girls as these are very easy to wash out for school.

Punky Colour Hair Color

Transform your hair in to a cotton candy full look or a simple pink highlights vibe. This semi permanent Unicorn Hair Dye really will get you noticed! Priced at $8.99. Very easy to apply and use.

Kera Color Clenditioner

One of the best selling pink hair color conditioners on the market. Perfect for that vibrant unicorn hair look. Priced at $22.00. Lots of different color tones and shades available.

Unicorn Hair

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Gives you gorgeous Unicorn hair! No bleach or toxic chemicals. Just a great home kit with amazing results. Lots of different colors available from Unicorn Pink to Bright blue. Creating that rainbow unicorn hair look could never be easier. Priced at $17.99

Manic Panic Hair Dye

One of the most vibrant hair dyes currently on the market. A semi permanent hair look that will make your hair look so striking. Made from natural Vegan ingredients and available in lots of different unicorn colors. Priced at $ 13.99

Artic Fox Hair Color

Artic Fox provide another amazing Unicorn Hair dye. A long lasting, smudge free formula that smells gorgeous. Several different colors available, priced at $17.99

Unicorn Hair Chalk

Unicorn Hair chalks are perfect for that child or teen that wants that unicorn hair look but has school or college. These amazing hair chalk wands just brush the bright color through your hair, making it look like unicorn highlights. Priced at $9.99 a great wash out choice.

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