Unicorn Games

Unicorn board games are fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Especially at the weekends and in spring break. Not only do board games get the whole family together but they also allow you to bond and work as a team. We have selected a number of different unicorn games below that will do just that. However if board games are really not your thing them maybe Unicorn apps are more down your alley. We have also included in our list some of the latest and must play unicorn app games. From Unicorn virtual pet apps to unicorn Coloring and unicorn cupcake making. There really is a game for every family.

Unicorn games are incredibly fun for a variety of reasons. For one, they are often very visually appealing, with their bright colors, magical worlds, and adorable characters. It’s hard to not be drawn in by the world of a unicorn game, which is why they are often so popular with kids and adults alike.

Another great thing about unicorn games is that they often incorporate a lot of different elements, such as puzzles, mini-games, and story elements. This variety helps to keep the game interesting and engaging, as there is always something new to explore or figure out. Additionally, unicorn games often feature a range of different characters, each with their own unique abilities and specialties. This allows players to switch up their strategies and try different approaches in order to progress in the game.

What are the Best Unicorn Games?

Unicorn Monopoly Junior By Hasbro Games

This magical game is just perfect for that monopoly fan who loves unicorns. It includes 4 different characters which you can choose from. Simply race around the board to collect the most money. You can have up to 4 players, ideally for children aged 5 and up. This game is easily designed to be quick and entertaining for the younger players.


Inflatable Unicorn Game

This super fun game is perfect for that hot summer day when you are with your friends in the pool or backyard. Wear the inflatable head piece as the other players toss the heart rings and try to land it on the horn! Who will be the ultimate unicorn champion!


Hungry Hungry Hippo – Unicorn Edition

Everybody loved Hungry Hungry Hippo, its the ultimate family game. So why not try the new and exclusive unicorn edition to add to your collection. Not only is it super cute with the hippos being replaces with the unicorns but this game has hours of fun and laughs on rainy day.


Pin the horn on the Unicorn!

This game is just perfect for that unicorn lover’s birthday party. Be the one to get your unicorn horn the closest to the unicorn’s head! Comes complete with blindfold, unicorn poster and stick on unicorn horns.


Unicorn Operation

Such a fun, nail biting unicorn game to play with your family or friends. Try to hold your nerves together and not hit the metal surround as you attempt to remove fun objects from the unicorns tummy! This is one of those amazing games that looks really easy but its actually quite tricky. Give it a go! How far will you get!


Hasbro Don’t Step in it! Unicorn Edition

Be careful not to tread in the poop!! A hilarious game that will make all of the family laugh. Simply put on the blindfold, spin the spinner and see if you can make it across the board without stepping in the poo! Its harder than it looks! Hours of fun to be had!


TeeTurtle Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Build a Unicorn Army. Betray Your Friends. Unicorns are Your Friends Now . This was the best selling unicorn game in 2019.

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game that will destroy your friendships but in a good way.


The Unicorn Princess Nintendo Switch Game

If you have a Nintendo Switch Console then this Unicorn game is a must have! Also available on the XBox & PlayStation.

Join this incredible Magical Unicorn World where the user can create their very own unicorn horse. Lots of sparkly accessories to add plus you can even make the character look like you! There are two different Unicorn Lands to visit, where there are lots of new friends to meet. A Unicorn game that will keep your unicorn fan occupied for hours!!


My Baby Unicorn App

Have your very own super cute baby unicorn pet. This interactive baby unicorn is just adorable. Feed it, clean it, dress it and give it presents! You can even build your very own Unicorn House and make Your own Unicorn Birthday Cakes & Unicorn Cookies! How awesome is that!

$ – Currently Free to download

Unicorn Coloring App

Do you love Coloring? Then you are going to love this Unicorn Coloring App. Color the Unicorn in whatever color you choose. Create an enchanted Rainbow Unicorn or a stunning Sparkly Unicorn. Save them in your camera roll to view anytime! Available to download for free, simply click on the link below.

$ – Currently Free to download

Unicorn Paint By Number Coloring App

Keep your unicorn fan entertained with this awesome paint by number Unicorn Coloring Game. Simply tap on a color and then the corresponding number to create a magical unicorn picture. The more confident you become the harder the pictures get. Hours of fun to be had! Download for free below.

$ – Currently Free to download

Unicorn games are just so must fun for the whole family. So why not make your family day even more exciting by getting some unicorn cookies or even some unicorn decorations.