Unicorn Cookies

Why Pick Unicorn Cookies?

Unicorn Cookies are a great accessory for any party. They can either be used as a cute party favor or they can simply be scattered around the cake for extra decoration. Unicorn cookies come in many different shapes and sizes, from the simple unicorn face, to jumping unicorns and rainbows. To make things easier for yourself, there are pre-made cookies which come individually wrapped, however if you would prefer to make your own. Then there are many different Unicorn Cookie making sets which include the unicorn cookie cutter and piping bags. Below we have listed some of the best unicorn products currently on the market.

Hand Painted Unicorn Treats

16 super adorable Hand Painted Unicorn cookies. Vanilla flavoured and come individually wrapped. 4 of each design included. The classic unicorn with rainbow mane, the unicorn cloud, rainbow circle and unicorn face. Priced at $39.99

Unicorn Sugar Cookies

A box of 12 Delicious Unicorn Sugar Cookies, each finished off with a vanilla icing design. The cookies include the classic unicorn head, ice cream cone, shining rainbow and classic heart. All come individually wrapped, priced at $29.99

If you would prefer to have a go at making unicorn biscuits yourself then this Unicorn Cookie cutter set is just perfect. Comes complete with 7 different unicorn designs. approx $9.99

Gourmet Unicorn Cookies

Cute Pink & blue 3D unicorn gourmet biscuits. These are handmade, individually piped and wrapped. These Unicorn treats would look perfect on a party feature table or just as a little treat for your big unicorn fan. $19.99

Well these cookies win the award for being the coolest Unicorn biscuits around. They come in a box of 16 with tiny little painting pallets. Your little rainbow unicorns can paint their cookies before eating them or taking them home. They really would be the perfect activity for any sleepover or for a unicorn party.

Keep your little unicorn fan entertained this spring break with this ultimate unicorn cookie making kit. Comes complete with a super adorable unicorn apron, unicorn cookie cutters, pipping bags and nozzles. Priced at $19.99 the perfect unicorn gifts

Don’t forget to also check out the latest unicorn cake toppers, plus the matching unicorn decorations. It certainly does make all the difference when creating an ultimate unicorn party theme. We do have so many awesome unicorn ideas, make sure you take a look throughout the whole unicorn website, to view the entire collection.

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