Unicorn Blanket

A wonderful collection of Unicorn Blanket, Unicorn Throws and Unicorn Fleeces. A gorgeous and magical accessory to add in to any unicorn bedroom for girls. These cute blankets can simply be thrown over a unicorn bed, a bedroom chair, or maybe even a toy box. This will add an extra bit of color and unicorn theme.

Why choose a Unicorn Blanket?

Not only are Unicorn Fleece Blankets a great unicorn bedroom décor accessory but they are also there for their original purpose of keeping us warm in the colder months or chilly evenings. Unicorn print has taken over the world and is currently the best selling theme for young girls and teens. Not forgetting those unicorn adult fans who also cant get enough of the magical horse design too. Unicorn products are cool and classy yet magical and mysterious, and this is why they are so popular. Browse through the collection below to find your favourite unicorn throw. Why not get the matching unicorn rug.


Blue Unicorn Blanket

A pretty blue unicorn fleece blanket. Made from super soft material and large enough for teens and adults. Priced at $18.95

Pink Unicorn Throw

A super fluffy pink unicorn throw blanket. This flying unicorn design with added glow in the dark feature is only Priced at $38.99

Pink Unicorn Fleece Blanket

A thick and cosy Sherpa unicorn and rainbows fleece blanket. A gorgeous baby pink color with soft fluffy fleece lining on the inside. Perfect for wrapping up on a chilly night. Priced at $29.70

Unicorn Fleece Throw

A pale white and pink unicorn fleece throw. Super soft and super warm. Perfect for snuggling up and watching the tv. Priced at $19.99. A great value for money blanket for an child or adult.

Glow in the Dark Unicorn Throw

A beautiful glow in the dark unicorn blanket. Perfect as an extra piece of unicorn bedroom . Priced at $23.99. This blanket would look fantastic thrown over bedding, a real eye catching item.

Black Unicorn Blanket

Unicorns are real blanket. Of course unicorns are real!! A stunning design that will leave you wanting. A sleek soft black unicorn blanket with bold design. Only priced at $19.99

Unicorn Plush Blanket

A super cute roll up unicorn blankie. Perfect for a new baby gift or child’s birthday present. Adorable and will match any unicorn bedroom theme. Aprox $23.99

Purple Unicorn Throw Blanket

A stunning unicorn night scene blanket. Gorgeous blue and purple tones with super soft texture. Priced at $23.99. This blanket is actually a really good size which will cover the full length of your bed.

Rainbow Unicorn Blanket

One of the best selling rainbow unicorn blankets currently on the market. This tie dye pattern really is beautiful. It also has a unicorn silhouette and stars to complete the theme. Priced at $24.99



All of these amazing blankets certainly will transform any girls bedroom. Make sure you also take time to read through our unicorn blog. Lots of interesting information and incredible facts about unicorns. Like types of unicorns and 20 interesting facts about unicorns.