Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn Cake Ideas

The Unicorn Birthday cake is always the Centre feature of any party. It needs to be bold and eye catching, a real WOW factor moment when your eyes meet it! Whether you are a simply Unicorn Cupcake Fan to an outrageous Unicorn rainbow 3 tier cake kind of fan, we think we have the perfect unicorn cakes or unicorn cookies for your party. We also have tips and ideas of how to make your own unicorn birthday cake.

Crown Unicorn Cake

A beautiful Unicorn Birthday Cake with a classic cream, gold and pink effect. This Unicorn cake can be made in to however many tiers you require and can be filled with any filling that you desire. Price Starting From $135.00

Unicorn Cupcakes

These Unicorn Cupcakes are just incredible and they would look even more fantastic on a Unicorn Cake stand. Due to Covid 19, individual cupcakes are becoming more and more popular as they are seen to be the safer birthday cake option. Eating one of these cakes would definitely make you part of the Unicorn Club. These cupcakes can be made in many different flavours and cost approximately $51.60 for 12.

Rainbow Dream Cake

The Rainbow Dream Unicorn Cake is the ultimate WOW cake with its array of bright colours and ice cream cone topper. A cake that really will light up any Unicorn bedroom or party. Can be made in several different flavours and sizes to suit any party size. Pricing from $125

Over the Unicorn Cake

This really is the show stopper Unicorn Cake that would set all the tongues wagging at your party. The detail, finish & color on this cake is just awesome. Perfect for any Unicorn princess of any age. Available from 1-4 tiers, pricing starts from $110

Classic Unicorn Cake

One of the more simple and classic unicorn Birthday cakes. Plain and elegant, one of the best sellers currently on the market. Many different cake filling and size are available to suit all needs and dietary requirements. Pricing starts from around $125

Rosy the Unicorn Cake

Rosy is just the cutest unicorn birthday cake. Looking like a Unicorn Plush Rosie would be extremely difficult to eat as she is just so adorable. Available in many sizes and flavours. Starting price from $105

How to make a Unicorn Birthday Cake?

Having a Birthday cake made professional for your child is very nice but sometimes the day is made extra special when the birthday cake is handmade with love. Unicorn Cakes are actually very simply to make. The first thing you need to decide on is how big this cake actually needs to be and how many guests has it got to feed. Then you can work out how many cake layers you need to bake. Each layer of the cake will need to have a different color, so food coloring will need to be purchased. Unicorn frosting and drip icing will also be needed to decorate the cake. Piping bags, Unicorn Sprinkles and a Unicorn Cake topper is also essential. Take a look at the “Make your own unicorn cake” link below to find everything you need to create that amazing homemade unicorn birthday cake. Good Luck!

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