Unicorn Bedding

A Magical Collection of the very best Unicorn Bedding. Finding the perfect Unicorn Bedding is the most important part when trying to creating an awesome unicorn bedroom. Making sure you pick the correct unicorn print to match your chosen themed really does make a huge difference to the finished bedroom look. Not only do you need to make the Unicorn bed the centre piece of the room but you also need to make sure that you purchase the matching unicorn accessories like a unicorn lamp, Unicorn Rug and a Unicorn nightlight.


Unicorn Bedding is a great Purchase for Several Reasons:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing: Unicorn-themed bedding often features vibrant colors, whimsical designs, and cute unicorn motifs, making it visually appealing. It can instantly add a touch of magic and fantasy to a bedroom, especially for children or individuals who enjoy the enchanting world of unicorns.
  2. Personal expression: Bedding is a way to express your personal style and interests. If you or someone you know loves unicorns, having unicorn-themed bedding allows you to showcase that passion and create a unique and personalized space. It can bring joy and happiness to the person using it, promoting a positive and imaginative atmosphere.
  3. Versatile and adaptable: Unicorn bedding comes in various styles, sizes, and materials, making it suitable for different preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a complete bedding set or individual items like sheets, pillowcases, or comforters, there are options available to suit your requirements. Additionally, unicorn-themed bedding can be found in both adult and children’s sizes, making it accessible to people of all ages.
  4. Gift option: Unicorn bedding can make an excellent gift choice for unicorn enthusiasts, especially children. It’s a thoughtful and unique present that allows them to transform their bedroom into a magical realm. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, unicorn bedding is often well-received and appreciated.
  5. Positive and dreamy atmosphere: Unicorns are often associated with qualities such as beauty, grace, and positivity. Having unicorn bedding can create a serene and dreamy environment, promoting a sense of calmness and imagination. It can contribute to a relaxing and comfortable sleep environment, enhancing the overall bedroom experience.

Remember that the value and appeal of unicorn bedding ultimately depend on personal preferences and interests. If you or someone you know has an affinity for unicorns and enjoys the aesthetic and theme, then unicorn bedding can be a delightful and worthwhile purchase.

Unicorn Castle Bedding

Unicorn Castle Bedding

A beautiful blue tone Unicorn print bed set. This Unicorn bedroom theme features castles, trees, rainbows, clouds and not forgetting the most important part the white and purple unicorn. The set includes the flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow cases and the unicorn duvet cover. Priced at $49.99

Unicorn Rainbow Bedding Set

Rainbow Unicorn Bedding Set

A bright and vibrant rainbow unicorn bed cover set. This eye catching theme has colorful rainbows, hearts and unicorn print which are every little girls dream. Matching pillow covers and fitted sheet included. Priced at £39.99

Soft Unicorn Bed Cover

Super Soft Unicorn Bed Cover

A super cosy unicorn set which includes the fitted sheet, pillow case set and unicorn duvet cover. There is also the added option of adding more fitted sheets and pillow cases to your order. Which is actually a great idea for when you come to changing the bedding at home. Priced at $45.00

Pink Unicorn Bedding

Pink Unicorn Bedding

If pink is your color, then you are going to love this super pretty pink unicorn set. A real girly bedroom accessory. The set includes the unicorn comforter and the unicorn pillow cases. A bargain price of $26.99

magic unicorn comforter set

Magical Unicorn Comforter Set

This unicorn comforter set is just gorgeous and a perfect choice for an older teen girl who still wants a bit of unicorn magic in her bedroom. Priced at £39.99 why not add in a simply unicorn rug or unicorn lamp to this look.

Believe in magic comforter set

Believe in Magic Comforter Set

A purple Unicorn bed set featuring the symbolic phrase of believe in magic. This stunning purple comforter set is just a little bit different from other unicorn designs. Priced at $35.99

Unicorn Rose Bedding Set

Unicorn Rose Bedding Set

An elegant rose pink Unicorn bedding set. Currently the best selling item in unicorn bedding. A gorgeous giant unicorn design with added gold glitter effect. Priced at $57.99

White Unicorn Comforter Bedding set

White Unicorn Comforter bedding set

A 5 piece Unicorn bed set including the unicorn comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillow cases. A simple yet very effective unicorn bedding set . Priced at $59.99

Unicorn Flower Bed Cover Set

Unicorn Flower Bed Cover Set

An awesome unicorn Flower print design. Includes the vibrant unicorn comforter with matching Unicorn Pillow. Priced at $46.99