Top 8 Unicorn Ride on Toys

Unicorn Ride On Toys

Ride-on toys are a wonderful way to help your growing child engage their imagination, build strength, and learn to balance. A unicorn ride-on is an extra magical way to engage those skills while still having fun.

This list of rides ons are a collection of unicorn toys for girls and unicorn plush that your child will love for years to come.

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1. VTech Prance and Rock Learning Unicorn

This ride-on grows with your child. It starts as a rocking horse, but as soon as your child is big enough, the base can be flipped around to use it as a ride-on instead.

For added fun, this ride-on had buttons on the head of the unicorn that helps teach your child colors, along with singing songs, playing melodies, and talking. This function is great for encouraging your child’s imagination. You can even switch between learning and adventure mode.

While the wheels don’t require batteries, the button functions do require 2 AAA batteries.

Age: 12 – 36 Months. Currently Priced at $41.99

2. iPlay iLearn Bouncy Ride On Unicorn

For a slightly different take on a ride-on, we have this inflatable bouncer. This unicorn has an inflatable, bouncy interior that acts much like an exercise ball. Your child will be able to bounce around the room with none of the safety issues that come with exercise balls. For one, this unicorn has a low centre of gravity, making it less likely that your child will fall. The hooves also have a nonslip coating.

To make the unicorn more comfortable to ride, it has a soft fabric cover. The cover not only brings the unicorn magic alive but also lets you wash the unicorn easily if there are any spills.

This ride-on is great for building your child’s overall strength improving their dynamic balance, and it gets them moving as they play.

Age: 18 Months – 4 years. Price Currently $33.89

3. JoJoPooNy Ride On Unicorn

This is a great option for slightly older kids. This incredibly well-built ride-on functions by bouncing in the seat. As your child bounces, the unicorn will coast along on its sturdy castor wheels. There are handles near the neck of the unicorn for the child to hold, as well as ​foot pegs beneath the unicorn’s stomach.

This ride-on works best in open areas, though you can use it in your home as well. The unicorn option has a white body with pink accents, including the saddle, hooves, collar, reigns, and horn. If you don’t want a unicorn, there is also a brown horse model.

This ride-on is wonderful for teaching independence and balance.

Age: 3 – 6 years Current Price: $169.99

4. Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn

This giant stuffed unicorn will light up your child’s imagination. Melissa and Doug created this unicorn stands at over 2 feet tall, making it the perfect companion for any little person. It has a soft plush body with star details on the flank. It also has a bow on the tail, magical blue eyes, and a soft sparkling horn.

This toy stands straight thanks to the sturdy wire frame inside. The frame is so strong that small children maybe even sit on the back. Some reviewers pointed out that you may need to occasionally adjust the legs, however.

This unicorn encourages imaginative play and is a great addition to any child’s bedroom. Age: 36 months – 15 Years. Current Price: $99.99

5. Vroom Ponycycle Unicorn

This ride-on unicorn is another one where the child needs to bounce to make it go. This ride- on comes in three sizes to accommodate your growing child. Size 3 is best for children aged 3 to 5, size 4 is best for children aged 4 to 8, and size 5 is best for children who are over seven years old.

All three sizes come with a unicorn that features an all-white body with long hair over the hooves and a pink iridescent horn. The collar and saddle are both made of brown leather. There are handles for the child on the unicorn’s neck and footpegs just under the body. The footpegs are white like the rest of the body, letting them blend in as the child rides so it looks like their feet are in a real stirrup.

For safety, this ride-on includes a brake. This ride-on also has a button to create fun, realistic sounds. This toy is wonderful for building your child’s strength and balance.

Age: 3 – 7+ . Current Price: $348.99

6. Rockin’ Rider Ride On Unicorn

This bright pink ride-on easily converts from a rocker to a ride-on as your child grows. Buttons on the ears allow this ride-on to speak, make realistic riding sounds, and even sing a song. The plush body is soft and huggable. Lots of great Unicorn Games could be had with this ride on.

This is a great ride-on for encouraging balance, building strength, and engaging your child’s imagination.

Age: 12 months – 8 years. Price: $49.99

7. Inflatable Ride-On Purple Unicorn

This bouncing unicorn is a fun way to have your child engage in active play. It’s made of durable PVC that behaves much like an exercise ball. Your child simply gets on and bounces along.

Thanks to the PVC material, this is a great toy for not only playing inside but also out on the grass. You won’t need to worry about it getting messy, and it is super durable to withstand the great outdoors.

This version comes in a fun purple color, but you can also get a pink unicorn, or even cars, dogs, even a dragon!

Age: 2+ Price: $29.99

8. Silly Skates Roller Skate Unicorn

Last on our list is the most unique-looking unicorn. It’s wearing roller skates! This ride-on is a combination of two that have recently been on this list. The main body is made of an inflatable, durable yet soft material that children can bounce on as they ride. The roller skate base has light-up wheels that light different colors as the child rides along. This ride-on is wonderful for building balance in smaller children.

Age: 12 months – 3 years Price: $39.99


We hope that you enjoyed this section of ride on unicorns. We personally loved the Vroom Ponycycle with its durable build and sizes to accommodate children of all ages. Make your you also take a look at one of our most popular Unicorn blog posts What are the different types of Unicorns? or What do unicorns represent?