Top 20 Unicorn Christmas Gifts

Unicorn Christmas Gifts 2022

Christmas shopping can sometimes be very stressful and often seem like a massive chore. At Unicorn Wonderland we have made things super simple for you this year, as we have created the must have 2022 unicorn gifts and presents. Whether you have a little unicorn fan, to a teen or an adult. We have something for everyone on our must have Unicorn Christmas list. Take a browse through the wonderful unicorn toys and presents to find that perfect unicorn gift for your friends or family member. Thanksgiving gifts are also a must, especially for the little ones. Nothing sees a bigger smile than one opening a unicorn gift!!

There is always something magical about giving and receiving a unicorn gift on Christmas Day. Unicorns are special and mysterious, as well as cute, glamorous and sometimes sparkly. The strength they give off and process is a real inspiration to all young children and growing teens. Especially in this difficult modern day world, where being accepted can sometimes be very difficult. We need to teach the youth of today to be strong and follow the unicorn vibe. Unicorns just don’t care if they are different and are quite happy flying solo. Using their strength within to get past challenging tasks ahead. A perfect reminder to anyone who is finding life a little bit difficult at times.

Don’t forget Christmas is a time for giving and showing those loved ones how much you really care. Why not treat them to one of our hot picks below. You can never go wrong with a Unicorn gift or Unicorn Squishmallow.

Unicorn Water Bottle


Unicorn Poop Earrings


Unicorn Pen Set


Unicorn Charm Bracelet


RainboCorn Surprise


Unicorn Bluetooth Speaker


Unicorn Pendant


Chelsea Barbie with baby Unicorns


Rainbow Unicorn Dress


Unicorn Boot Slippers


Color Changing Unicorn Barbie Playset


Life size Unicorn


Unicorn Squishies


Unicorn Polly Pocket


Schleich bayala Unicorn Figurine


Unicorn Bath Set


Unicorn Socks Set


Unicorn Fluffy Pencil Case


Unicorn Lip Balm


Unicorn Slime Kit


Dont forget to check out our unicorn jokes, these are always great choice to pop in a Christmas cracker on Christmas day to entertain the kids!