How to Draw a Unicorn?

Drawing a unicorn sounds simple enough but it can actually be quite tricky to achieve. Following these 8 simple steps will help you in creating a unicorn picture that you can be proud off. Sometimes its best to start simple and then work your way up to a bigger more detailed unicorn drawing. Our design is the simple unicorn head and horn. But once this has been mastered, you can then work your way up to drawing the rest of the unicorn body and background scenery. The unicorn stationery you will need to draw this gorgeous unicorn picture is a pencil, eraser encase you make a mistake and a piece of paper. Colouring pencils will be useful at the end to make your unicorn drawing come to life.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Start with the ear. Draw this is the centre of the paper. An “n” shape on a slight slant. Then draw a flick of hair to the left that looks like a shoe.
Follow down from the flick of hair and create the nose. Not forgetting to add on the unicorn horn, next to the hair.
Draw a line towards the end of the nose and add a nostril. Add a closed eye and draw a line straight down and right to create the neck area.
Draw a curl of hair from the ear down towards the nostril. This looks like a moon shape.
Repeat the hair curl again and finish the end a slightly different way to the first curl. This gives your unicorn drawing a big more detail.
Create the third curl and again make the finish at the end slightly different. We have curled this one towards the right.
Add the last curl. Copying the previous one but drawing a little smaller, down the neck of the unicorn. Your simple Unicorn drawing for beginners is now complete.
Add on the finishing touches. Color in your unicorn in whatever colors you like. I have chosen the rainbow unicorn look. Why not try drawing a unicorn family. The more colour and detail you add, then the more realistic your unicorn will become.

It may take you a little while to be able to draw the unicorn picture unaided. The key is to keep practising and use your eraser if you make a mistake. If you need more help in drawing a unicorn picture then try out this youtube channel. Art for kids hub really do make things very simple and easy to draw. Not only can you draw the real unicorns but you can also try and draw a unicorn toys for girls or a unicorn squishmallow. Why not give it a go. Good luck!