How to Create the Best Unicorn themed Sleepover

The best sleepovers for kids will involve plenty of fun activities, tasty snacks, and a comfortable setting. Try to plan activities that will appeal to all the kids, such as board games, outdoor activities, movie night, or crafts. How to create the best unicorn sleepover can feel overwhelming, however with the right snacks that everyone can enjoy, enough blankets and pillows for everyone, the night will be a great success. Another create way to create the best unicorn sleepover is to encourage the kids to share stories and get to know each other better, as this will make the sleepover even more special.

1. Make a Sparkly Unicorn Craft:

Break out the glitter and googly eyes to make a unicorn-themed design. You can make headbands, paper plate masks, or even a paper mache unicorn.

2. Have a Dance Party:

Put on some of your favorite tunes and have a dance party with your unicorn friends. Give our prizes and unicorn gifts for the best dancers. Have a unicorn dress up box to hand with unicorn costumes and dress up accessories. Glasses, wands, unicorn wigs, horns and face glitter are a must!

3. Watch a Unicorn Movie:

Put on a movie about unicorns and get comfortable with a big bowl of popcorn and some candy. Watch a classic like Wish upon a Unicorn.

4. Play Unicorn Games:

Play some fun unicorn-themed games like unicorn tag or pin the horn on the unicorn. Unicorn twister and other unicorn games can also be purchased at lots of different toy stores.

5. The unicorn sleeping area:

Make sure the unicorn sleeping area is magical. Lots of fairy lights and dim tinkling lights to create that enchanted feel. These can be purchased cheaply at any dollar store. Lots of pillows, cushions and fluffy throws. Individual tepee tents can also be hired for the wow factor.

6.Unicorn gift bag:

Make sure all of your unicorn party guests have their very own unicorn gift sleeping bag. These little bags can be filled with little snacks and treats, sleeping asks, nails varnishes, stick on tattoos and even a small unicorn soft toy. Like a unicorn squishmallow.

7. Unicorn cake making:

Depending on how much time you have, you might be able to make some unicorn cupcakes to eat whilst watching your unicorn film. Lots of rainbow icing and sprinkles. Unicorn faces and horn accessories can also be purchased to stick on your cupcakes.

8. Unicorn Pamper session:

Give each other a unicorn makeover with a unicorn pedicure, manicure and rainbow hair. There are lots of washout color chalks available, plus rainbow face glitter and nail varnishes. There are also perfume making kits available which could be used to make your very own unicorn scent.

9. Unicorn Photos

Makes sure throughout the night you are taking lots of photos. These can be printed out and stuck on a piece of A3 paper to make a sleepover 2023 collage. This can them to framed in your room and a copy can also be given to your guests. This also works really well with a polaroid camera.

10. Most importantly Have Fun

There are plenty activates listed above to keep everyone entertained at the unicorn sleepover event. If the children however seem to be getting bored of a certain activity then its simple. Switch the activity. Kids gets bored very quickly so make sure you have the nest activity ready to go.

The Unicorn sleepover will be a great success. Good Luck