From Unicorn Toys to Sleeping Bags, Unicorn Slippers, to Unicorn Dresses. We feature the Best Selling Unicorn Products current on the market. Need to find that perfect Unicorn Gift or Create that amazing Unicorn Party to remember? Then look no further. We have the very best in unicorn merchandise and ideas to help you create that WOW unicorn moment! You are never too old to be a Unicorn Fan. We have unicorn ideas to suit people of all ages. So sit back, have fun and take a look through our amazing enchanted Unicorn land. We hope you enjoy the ride!! Talking of rides, why not check out the Top 8 Unicorn Ride on Toys currently on the market.

Why Pick Unicorn Products?

Unicorns embrace the world by giving off a sense of power, strength and determination. We all have struggles in life, whether that be school life, work problems, money worries or even mentally health issues. Believing in the Unicorns can help you rebuild yourself and let that inner power shine. Even if you don’t feel like you have this strength inside you. Unicorns can give you the encouragement and wellbeing that you need. Some say ifs their magical ways and enchanted beauty. Whereas others believe that they are just pure magic and will help concur any battles and hard times you maybe having. All you need to do is believe and breathe.

Unicorn Toys for girls

Top Unicorn Toys for Girls

Take a look at the best unicorn toys currently on the market. These magnificent magical creatures have taken the world by storm. Whether you are looking for a Unicorn toy, game or Unicorn soft toy, we have sourced lots of amazing unicorn merchandise which will leave you wanting more. You can never have too much Unicorn stuff!

Unicorn Beauty

Unicorn Beauty

The popularity of Unicorn Beauty is growing everyday. Unicorn stick on nails, perfume, bubble bath or Unicorn cosmetics to name a few, are this years sourced unicorn gifts for adults. We have created a must have list of all the essentials you need to be a true Unicorn fan!  

Must have Unicorn Products

Unicorn Hot picked products

Our Favourite Unicorn Items

Take a look through our current favourite Unicorn items. A hot pick list of magical Unicorn products, perfect for every occasion. Whether that be a Unicorn Bedroom make over, A Unicorn Party, A Unicorn Sleepover or even a Unicorn Scooter. Browse through the Unicorn Stuff below and find that Perfect item. We even have amazing Unicorn articles to read in our blog area which cover lots of unicorn topics including the most popula post. What is your unicorn name?, plus also What are the different types of unicorns? and many more. We have sourced amazing unicorn information and products to give you absolute anything that is unicorn!

Unicorn Squishmallows

Unicorn Squishmallows

Squish mallows are currently the softest and cutest soft toys around. From Unicorn mermaids to Rainbow Unicorns. Squishmellow have created a super squidgy cuddly for every style and every occasion. Perfect Unicorn toys for girls. Squishmallows are stuffed with super soft stuffing to create their pillow effect, where you head or hand sinks in to the fabric. Perfect to snuggle up with on these cold winter nights. They come in all shapes and sizes but the jumbo squishmallows are just awesome. The largest one available is actually nearly as big as a beanbag. If you haven’t seen squish mallows already then you must check them out.

Every Unicorn fan needs a Giant unicorn squishmallow collection. Check out our Squishmallow must haves below.

Unicorn Party Supplies & Decorations

Unicorn Parties

Did you say Unicorn Party?! Well look no further.

We have found everything you need to deliver the greatest Unicorn event of 2022. From Unicorn Birthday Cake to Unicorn party bags, Unicorn plates, Unicorn banners and Unicorn napkins. Trying to create that special jaw dropping party vibe is actually really hard. Whether its for a little unicorn fan or a sweet 16 birthday bash, having the right matching party accessories is the most important thing in creating this showstopper event. Sometimes less is more however when it comes to unicorn parties, more is way better! The more unicorn stuff results in an epic unicorn party event!! We have everything you need to create that magical party bash, check out our range below.

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Unicorn Decor & Bedroom Ideas

Unicorn Bedroom Decor

Transform your bedroom in to a beautiful enchanted Unicorn dream. From Unicorn Bedding to Unicorn lamps and bedroom accessories. We have all of the amazing unicorn necessities you need to create your very own unicorn wonderland. Let you little one have the talked about bedroom of the year. Don’t have bedroom envy, create you own amazing unicorn look.

Unicorn Stationery

Unicorn Stationery

Whether you are looking for some new Unicorn Stationery for school / work. Or if you are simply looking for great Unicorn gifts. We have selected the very best Unicorn notepads, Unicorn pencil cases and Unicorn pens that you are just going to adore. Having the latest and cutest stationery at school is always a must do every year. But every year you can never go wrong with a little something something that is unicorn themed. No matter how old you are, unicorn stationery is never out of date. Its always on trend and in fashion. So make sure your buying your son/daughter the right school supplies this semester. Unicorns all the way!

Unicorn Stuffed Animals & Unicorn Games

There are so many cute and adorable unicorn stuffed animals, it makes it so hard to pick just one. So at Unicorn Wonderland we have created our Top 10 Unicorn Plushes. Featuring everyones must have unicorn soft toys. These include the stunning Rainbow unicorn plush, Purple unicorns with wings toy, Unicorn in a bag Collection and not forgetting Mommy Unicorn with her 5 tiny babycorns.

If however Unicorn Toys and teddies are just not your thing then why not try a unicorn game instead. From pin the tail on the unicorn, Hungry Hippos unicorn edition to unicorn apps and computer games. These are laugh out loud games that will entertain friends and family over and over again. You will never be bored with these games!

Unicorn Stuffed animals
Unicorn Games

Did you know in most cultures Unicorns represent Life & Joy, Plus these Magical Creatures give off a symbol of Power and Hope. Unicorns are stunning horse like animal that make us believe that anything is possible. Read more about what do unicorns represent plus what is a unicorn. Remember to always Dream big and reach for the stars. Anything is possible if you believe!

Unicorn dressing gowns
Unicorn Dressing Gown
unicorn pyjamas
Unicorn Pyjamas

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Unicorn Blog

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Our website is build on love and passion for these amazing creatures. The strong will and positive vibes they embrace really do help people through the good and bad times. Life can be hard for some and even harder for others. Believing in the unicorn dream can really help you look forward and strive for your dreams.

Always Remember to Keep believing and reach for the stars! There is a unicorn hiding inside all of us!